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Gran Gala Flamenco Especial Chicuelo

The waste of Chicuelo’s talent in Barcelona and Flamenco is coming this July, which undoubtedly is behind the best rhythms of this musical style and dance, that is to say flamenco.

Chicuelo, this exceptional guitarist, performer and composer will lead the musical direction of the Gran Gala Flamenco show in Barcelona.

Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”

Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”

Juan Gómez “Chicuelo” has produced and directed works such as Zaguán or Desglaç de Miguel Poveda, Siento and Oscuriá de Ginesa Ortega, also in My Way of Life of Duquende, he has also composed music for artists who are widely recognized as Israel Galván and Antonio Channels

For what is coming at the Great Special Flamenco Gala, Chicuelo says he feels very happy and also thinks that it is a great privilege for him to work on what he likes most and adds to have a very pleasant feeling of doing it in Barcelona and being able to take his talent to people from so many countries of the world.

Barcelona is his place of origin, where he grew up and from the age of 12 he began his inclination for flamenco guitar, being his teacher Casimiro González. During all his projects and career he has played exclusively the magnificent flamenco guitars produced in the Julio Conde workshop.

These great flamenco shows await us on Tuesday 12 and 19 of this month of July in the renowned Poliorama Theater and on the 26th in the Palau de La Música Catalana. The programming continues on August 2, 9, 23 and 30 at the Poliorama Theater in Las Ramblas.

The art pieces are composed by the dancers Lorena Oliva Domínguez, Iván Alcalá and Patri Domínguez. As for the Cantaores, we will have Raúl L. Amador, Joaquín “El Duende”, the Isaac Vigueras drawer and the Carlos Caro violin.

Gran Gala Flamenco continues with an uninterrupted program and the invitation is for you and not to miss this flamenco show in Barcelona. Simply let the intensity and passion of all flamenco captivate you so that you can fully enjoy the union of music, dance and soul.