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Barcelona y FlamencoFlamenco

Flamenco a Worldwide Cross-Border Phenomenon

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Flamenco is an artistic expression fusing song (cante), dance (baile) and musicianship (toque). Inscribed in 2010 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity UNESCO.

flamenco world heritageFlamenco has become a worldwide, cross-border phenomenon, open to new trends, at the centre of an intercultural dialogue without which it would be inconceivable. It has extended its original geographical range through events staged in theatres, its progressive internationalisation, its inroads into cinema and literature and its influence on other art forms, such as painting, sculpture and photography.

flamenco photographyFlamenco has thus carved out a substantial space for itself in countries including France (with long-standing festivals in Mont de Marsans, Nimes and Paris, for example) the United States and the United Kingdom (home to such events as the Flamenco Festival), Italy (Flamenco Festival of Rome), Argentina (Buenos Aires Biennial), Japan and many countries of Central Europe, Latin America and North Africa, where there are clear cultural and musical ties to flamenco: the cantes de ida y vuelta and andalusí music.

The shows of Barcelona y Flamenco are clear examples of the evolution of Flamenco Art. In more than 10 years their two principal shows, Opera & Flamenco and Gran Gala Flamenco, have reached millions of spectators, making them the most seen productions in Barcelona theatres. Barcelona y Flamenco´s goal is to spread the art of flamenco through theatre productions that are unforgettable and of the highest quality.

barcelona y flamenco

Opera & Flamenco and Gran Gala Flamenco continues running without interruption in the Poliorama Theatre and in the Palau de la Música Catalana.

flamenco palau de la musica