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Eli Santiago, flamenco singer in Barcelona y Flamenco.

How did you start singing flamenco?

I started singing since I was little! Since I was 2 or 3 years old, I sang and danced. I have worked in France, in Spain and now we have a project to go to Madrid too.For me, flamenco is the way I have to express my feelings. When I go on stage it is when I can get everything out there as we would say.

eli santiago flamenco singer

What flamenco “stick” do you identify with more?

I most identify with the Soleá because it is a more serious movement. We gypsies say that you have to suffer to sing the Soleá and so it is the one I like the most. But what I also like is the Soleá and the Seguidilla, basically those are the more difficult “palos” that are in Flamenco.

eli santiago flamenco singer barcelona

flamenco singer barcelona