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Barcelona is a city with a lot to offer, both to its citizens who live there and to the tourists who visit it for a few days. If after visiting all its landmarks you want to take advantage of the Catalan nights to attend some cultural activities, in this post we will go over what are the best shows you can enjoy in Barcelona.

Two dancers performing a flamenco dance in a show in Barcelona.5 Best Plays in Barcelona

Going to the theater is always a pleasure, especially when the plays are as varied and high quality as the ones offered by the Catalan capital. These are the best of the best you can currently see in Barcelona.

Corta el cable rojo

This high comedy visits Barcelona after 11 consecutive years in Madrid’s Gran Vía. The good but also bad thing about this play is that there is no script! It is all improvised, which makes each performance unique. In addition, videos and live music accompany the play. It is an overnight success at the Apollo Theatre!

De perras y criadas

This monologue, starring Marta Fons, tells the story of a woman who revisits her whole life and her memories while tidying up an attic, where the belongings of a lifetime appear. A play to enjoy and reflect on life. You’ll love it! Discover it at Sala Pangolí.

Cartes d’amor

Do you feel like watching a romantic comedy? In this play, the main characters recall their love story by reading to each other the love letters, travel books and postcards they have written to each other throughout their lives. You can enjoy it at Versus Glòries.

Estranys en un tren

If you want to see a thriller, go for the theatrical version of Patricia Highsmith’s novel in which two strangers meet on a train and agree to murder each other’s enemies, coming up with a convincing alibi. Mystery at the Del Raval Theater!

El Método Grönholm

A theater classic, which has also been made into a film: The Grönholm Method explores the behavior of four strangers in a job interview that could be described as, at the very least, atypical. Find this funny comedy that makes you reflect on how far you would go to get a job at the Poliorama Theater.

Best Flamenco Shows in Barcelona

Barcelona is, most likely, the best place to enjoy a good flamenco show, known as a tablao, not taking Andalusia into account. Would you like to discover this quintessential Spanish show? Read on!

Dancers in a flamenco show in BarcelonaPalace of Catalan Music

Every Sunday. Gran Gala Flamenco performs at the Palace of Catalan Music, offering you two opportunities: on the one hand, to enjoy the purest flamenco show you will find in Barcelona and, on the other hand, to visit the Palau, a magnificent modernist building, made World Heritage by Unesco.

Poliorama Theater

If you are looking for a plan for Friday night, you can enjoy the amazing show offered by the artists of Gran Gala Flamenco at the Poliorama Theater, a building with great history located next to the Rambla de Catalunya and the Canaletas Fountain. You will enjoy both the visit and the walk around.

Top Musicals in Barcelona

If you’d rather take advantage of your visit to Barcelona to attend a musical, you will discover that this city offers a wide range of shows, which means there is a show for every taste: from large scale productions, such as La Jaula de las Locas, Golfus de Roma or Ghost, to small budget shows, such as Ojos Verdes or Una Llum Tímida. Are you traveling with children? In Barcelona you can go see The Little Prince, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Enchantment and Coco, among others.

Don’t miss out on enjoying the purest flamenco in Barcelona! Get your tickets now for Gran Gala Flamenco in the Poliorama Theater or the Palau de la Música, and witness a show of singing and racial dancing you will never forget.