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Luis Fernandez “El Granaíno”, Spanish Flamenco Singer of Barcelona y Flamenco


How did you start singing Flamenco?
Man, for me Flamenco is part of my life. For us, as gypsies, I believe we are born with this gift of being lovers of flamenco. I for example, started to sing when I was little, 2 or 3 years old because I come from a family of artists, such as my grandfather, my great grandfather, my dad and my uncle who are all well known in the world of Flamenco.

What flamenco “palo” do you most identify with?
For example I identify myself a lot with the Seguidilla because the Seguidilla is a “palo” of lament. It comes from the times when the gypsies were slaves and they endured a lot of hardships and from there the songs for Seguidilla, Martinete, Toná were born. It is a feeling that we gypsies have and I like to show this a lot. Later there are the Fandangos that I obviously like a lot, also the Soleá because it is a “palo” that defines us, where we come from, who we are.