CD Caminos, Juan Gómez Chicuelo




“Caminos” is a very open and surprising CD. It consists of different journeys that take you to discover various landscapes and new colors.

It is a work that could fit into different musical styles given its great harmonic and rhythmic diversity.

Chicuelo considers “Caminos” as his most contemporary work.


A UNIQUE VOICE, that is what every guitarist seeks, as if having it or not depended on the will or the hours dedicated to developing technique.

The unique voice is a Gift in the form of divine dust that falls only on a few; and Chicuelo is one of them. His personality, his touch, and his musical discourse are unique and absolutely unmistakable; and they always have been, because when you have it, you have it.

In this album, it is evident, in my opinion – more than in any of his other recordings -, the maturity of someone who has nothing left to prove, someone who plays for himself; this work condenses that end of true art which is manifest introspection and shared intimacy, which is the only goal that only musicians with soul want and can achieve.

Mayte Martín