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Barcelona is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a flamenco show. Without a doubt the finest one, not taking into account Andalusia’s stages. In the Catalan city, you will find a wide variety of shows related to this centenary art: music, dancing and singing performances, among others. Keep reading this post to discover where you can see flamenco in Barcelona.

flamenco show in barcelona

Catalonia and Flamenco: Over a Century of History

The relationship between the Catalan autonomous community and flamenco dates back to long ago, namely to the large-scale arrival of Andalusians to Catalonia at the beginning of the 20th century. These newcomers came with their traditions, their own way of singing and dancing, which little by little became a part of the Catalan society, taking root for good during the Universal Exposition of 1929.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of high-quality flamenco shows in Barcelona. Below are some of the best. Read on!

Flamenco Show at the Theater Palau de la Música Catalana

The place where you enjoy it is as important as the show itself: the acoustics and the atmosphere have a decisive influence on the duende of the show. If there is a magical setting to enjoy flamenco in Barcelona, it is the Palau de la Música, a modernist Unesco Heritage building where you will feel immersed in the art as soon as you walk through the door.

Palau de la música catalana theater hall

Delight yourself with the art of the dancers and singers of Gran Gala Flamenco in a unique show that will make you feel in the heart of Andalusia without leaving Catalonia.

Flamenco at the Poliorama Theater

The Poliorama is another great place to enjoy the talent and the duende of our company: a building with a great historical background and with an unbeatable location in the center of Barcelona, which will let you enjoy its excellent atmosphere, sights great for a stroll, and landmarks before and after the show.

Flamenco Tablao and Dinner in Barcelona: Bars and Restaurants

Some of the most traditional ones in Barcelona are the Tablao Cordobés, with its striking Nasrid style; the Palacio del Flamenco, the biggest in Spain; the Tablao del Carmen, named after the famous flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya; and the Patio Andaluz, located in an old Andalusian yard in Barcelona.

Yet Barcelona breathes flamenco in all its neighborhoods: in addition to tablaos and theaters, you will find many bars and clubs where you can enjoy this art on certain days of the week. Some of the most famous ones are 23 Robadors, located near the Liceu, and Jazz Sí, Harlem, where you can attend flamenco jam sessions fused with jazz and other musical genres.

The April Fair

Did you think that the only way to attend an April Fair was going to Andalusia? Well, nothing could be further from the truth! This event held in Barcelona to celebrate the arrival of spring has nothing to envy other more famous ones, such as the Seville Fair.

Every year, at the end of April, the lighting of the portico marks the beginning of the festival, which lasts 10 days, allowing you to visit it on two weekends. Inside the venue, in addition to the characteristic fair stands, where you can enjoy high quality flamenco shows, you will find all kinds of traditional fair attractions, which makes this celebration a crowded party of all ages, both from the city as well as tourists.

Other Flamenco Shows in Barcelona

In addition, there are other shows and places where you can enjoy this art in an alternative way or even become the star of the night. Take notes!

Group of flamenco artists bowing to the audience after a flamenco show in Barcelona.

Flamenco Guitar Shows

Of course, singing and dancing are key parts of flamenco, but without a guitar, this art wouldn’t be the same. If you are interested in the musical aspect, in Barcelona you will find a multitude of places where you can enjoy the duende of flamenco guitar players. In fact, the company Gran Gala Flamenco has some of the most renowned musicians in the world. Enjoy them at any of our shows in the Catalan capital.

Places to Dance Flamenco in Barcelona

Have you been itching to learn how to dance? Or maybe you have already had a go at it and would like to do it again? Either way, in Barcelona you will find places where you can enjoy flamenco like a professional dancer. It doesn’t matter how you move or whether you have experience and background in flamenco or not. The key is to immerse yourself in the art, let the music wash over you, and enjoy getting swept away by the beat.

Alternative venues like 23 Robadors or Jazz Sí, Harlem sometimes organize flamenco parties where you will not only enjoy an incredible show, but you can participate too. Check their schedule!

If you are visiting Barcelona soon and you want to enjoy the best flamenco show in town, don’t hesitate to book tickets for Gran Gala Flamenco. Discover the flamenco duende at our show!