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Barcelona, a mind-blowing and cosmopolitan city, has so much to offer, regarding both cultural and leisure attractions, that ¡t is almost impossible to do it all in one trip. Mind you, whether it is your first time in the Catalan city or you have visited it before, there is something you shouldn’t miss: Barcelona’s night. lt has all sort of different strokes for different folks and you can rest assured you won’t regret missing out on some sleeping hours to discover all this city has to offer.

Discover the One and Only Flamenco Performance in Barcelona

Show Flamenco en BarcelonaBarcelona is probably one of the best cities to get familiarized with Flamenco, apart from Andalusia. Because of the immigration coming from Southern Spain in the sixties, Andalusian communities are deeply rooted in the Catalan society. Besides, this immigration made it possible for us to enjoy, in its second homeland, one of the World’s best shows.

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If you want to discover the most famous Flamenco performance in Barcelona, you should take advantage of the Gran Gala Flamenco. Having been on stage non-stop for more than 18 years, the amazing choreographies in charge of some of the best Flamenco ballet companies will delight you. Also, it will allow you to get to know two of the hearts of music in this Catalan capital: the Palace of Catalan Music and the Poliorama Theater. You really couldn’t ask for more.

Enjoy Tasty Local Food

The Catalan gastronomy ¡is full of delicious dishes you should definitely try out if you visit Barcelona. Night-time is the best moment to do just that: after the touristic excursions, with no rush, give yourself the chance to try some of the mouth-watering dishes we recommend:

  • Pan amb tomaquet: this slice of bread with chopped tomatoes will be a quite common side-dish. A simple dish has never been so finger-licking.
  • Calcots with romesco sauce: though only enjoyed when calcots are in season, eating these Catalan soft onions cooked on a grill is a complete experience on its own. Besides, they are delicious.
  • Canelones: this stuffed cannelloni is the most traditional Catalan dish, especially during special holidays.
  • Escudella i carn d’olla: another traditional dish is this Catalan stew of meat and vegetables, which people tend to eat in the holidays. In fact, it is quite common to Use the left overs of the escudella to prepare canelones.
  • Suquet de peix: being a coastal city, Barcelona has tasty dishes such as the suquet de peix, a traditional fish soup you are going to love.
  • Escalivada: both as a side-dish to meat of fish or as a main-dish, the escalivada (roasted and seasoned bell peppers and eggplants) will win your heart with its strong flavor.
  • Crema catalana: we should always finish with a great dessert, right? The Catalan cream, sort of a thick custard with a crispy caramel coating torched until it becomes crystalline and crunchy. This ¡is the perfect final step of an extraordinary dinner.

In the Catalan capital, you will find many restaurants where you can try out the delicious dishes we have recommended you, and many others… One of the perks of visiting such a big city is that you can go to all sorts of places to eat, from the most expensive restaurants to really cheap boarding houses where you will enjoy a great meal for little money.

Visit the Magic Fountain

After dinner, there is no better plan than to watch one of most famous free shows in Barcelona, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. Built for the International Exposition in 1929, the Magic Fountain can produce more than 7 billion light-water-and-music combinations, which is why this show remains new and interesting.

Apart from the lighting show, the Fountain of Montjuic”s magnificence is what catches the eye. During the show, you will witness more than 2,600 liters of water a second flow through the fountain’s three concentric pools, perfectly scheduled to coordinate with both lights and music. Due to Barcelona’s commitment to sustainability, in recent years, the traditional lighting has been progressively replaced with LED technology and the Magic Fountain now
uses groundwater.

Even though the Magic Fountain’s shows are back after the cancellation due to Covid-19 pandemic, we recommend you check out the programmed sequences for the fountain on the Ajuntament of Barcelona’s website, to make sure you get there on time.

Get To Know the Most Famous Nightclubs in the City

After having dinner and visiting the Magic Fountain, you might feel the need to shake it: no problem, because you are in the right city! In Barcelona, you will find clubs and bars so you can have a drink and dance to come to the end of a wonderful day. These are some of most well-known pubs for you to take note:

  • Pachá Barcelona: with a terrace overlooking the sea, this nightclub is one of the
    favorites in Barcelona.
  • Opium Barcelona: this heart of the party, the most frequented club, is located in the Olympic Port of the city, near by the previous pub.
  • Wet Deck Hotel W Barcelona: if you enjoy techno music, this club is a must.
  • Jamboree Dance Club: this venue offers something for any kind and mood, an alternative nightclub. Located very close to the street Las Ramblas, it is perfect for hip-hop, R&B and dancehall lovers.

It is clear that Barcelona offers leisure activities for all tastes and budges. Without a doubt, this European capital is one of the most modern and mind-blowing. Here you can enjoy both a weekend getaway and a long trip. And of course, the Gran Gala Flamenco show, ideal to end the dayAre you coming to Barcelona? We are waiting for you!


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