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Are you considering organising a holiday in Barcelona and wondering what is the best time of the year todo so? Barcelona is a sparkling, fun, cosmopolitan and lively city that has incredible plans to offer visitors every month of the year. Join us in this post: we will tell you all you need to know and what you should visit in Barcelona any time of the year.

The weather in Barcelona

The weather is something you should keep in mind when you decide to travel to a city. But that will not be a problem in Barcelona: located in the northwest of Spain, washed by the Mediterranean coast, the climate in Barcelona is mild enough that visiting it at any time of the year is a delight:



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  • Spring: during March, April, and May, average temperatures range between 9 and 21 degrees, with some occasional showers. During the central hours of the day, you will enjoy a pleasant heat, especially the sunny days, but it can cool down at sunset. Our advice? The ideal outfits to have in your backpack to visit Barcelona in springtime are layered clothes and a raincoat.
  • Summer: as a coastal city, the temperatures in Barcelona in summer are pleasant but mild, without becoming too oppressive (18-27 degrees on average); you should consider the high humidity though, especially if you’re not used to it. June, July and August are ideal for exploring Barcelona’s beaches and nightlife.
  • Autumn: while September is traditionally an extension of summer, in October and November, we already begin to see a progressive decline in temperatures and abundant rainfall, which announces that winter is approaching. With temperatures around 20 degrees, our advice is to get an umbrella and a light jacket with you as you go on your way to get to know the city
  • Winter: Barcelona is one of the best cities to visit during Christmas time, especially if you are sensitive to the cold, as you can enjoy its markets, its activities and its lighting with temperatures that rarely descend from 8 or 9 degrees.

High season vs low season

The high season in Barcelona coincides with the traditional holiday periods in Europe, that is, the summer months (June, July and August), Easter (date variable between March and April) and Christmas (from early December to 7 January). During these high-season dates, flights and hotels are significantly more expensive, and you will find more tourists in the city. But it is also true that the number of activities, exhibitions, concerts and festivals increases.

If you decide to travel in the low season(spring outside Easter, autumn and winter), you can enjoy the city in another way, slower, without haste and cheaper. The weather will be pleasant too, especially in the spring when the days are longer, and you will have the opportunity to visit theatres, museums, and monuments without so many crowds.

What to do in Barcelona in spring

Do you like music? During the spring months, Barcelona hosts two of the most important festivals of the Peninsula, the Primavera Sound and the Sónar. In addition, the city begins to stretch after the winter, terraces and “chiringuitos”(beach bars) begin to appear, and longer days invite you to enjoy it.

  • Spring is your ideal time if: you like to avoid tourist crowds when travelling.
  • Beware: weather can still be unstable in spring. Don’t forget to pack a folding umbrella and a light jacket.

Barcelona en verano

What to do in Barcelona in the summer

It’s sun and beach time! If you love sand, salt and beach bars, you’ll love Barceloneta in summer. In addition, during these months, countless clubs and discos organise themed parties that are the treats of locals and tourists. You will feel at home to the rhythm of music and cocktails!

  • Summer is your ideal time if: you cannot conceive a holiday in which a bikini and sunscreen are not essential.
  • Beware: as in any coastal city, summer temperatures are usually mild, but humidity can be uncomfortable, especially if you come from a dry place.

What to do in Barcelona in autumn

Little by little, the summer is going away, and you begin to glimpse the cold on the horizon, even though the temperature is still warm. Almost all the tourists have left, leaving a much quieter city and reducing the queues in places you have to visit in Barcelona.

  • Autumn is your ideal time if: you want to discover the city with tranquillity, enjoy a pleasant time and avoid the long queues of the high season. Also, the prices are much better!
  • Watch out: it starts to cool down, and it will rain more likely. But no worries, with a raincoat or a light jacket you can solve it.

What to do in Barcelona in winter

For the child in you, do not hesitate to visit Barcelona at Christmas. You can enjoy markets and related activities the best is, almost without tourists! Winter is low season (except during the holidays), so the trip will cost you much less.

  • Winter is your ideal time if: you are not afraid of the cold and want to see the city’s Christmas decorations.
  • Beware: although the temperatures are mild (about 13 degrees on average), the humidity due to the proximity of the sea can cause more cold sensations in people not used to this climate. But put on a good coat, hat and gloves and enjoy Barcelona!

Enjoy Gran Gala Flamenco at any time of the year.

There is something you can’t miss regardless of the time of year you visit Barcelona: the show Gran Gala Flamenco. With more than 15 years of uninterrupted success in Barcelona, the company offers one of the best flamenco shows that can be seen throughout Spain.

Gran Gala Flamenco

In addition, you will visit the inside of two of the most emblematic spaces of the city: the Palau de la Música Catalana and the Teatro Poliorama. You choose!

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