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Madrid, the capital of Spain, is the ideal destination for a charming and fun getaway. Whether you want to plan a romantic escape, a family trip, or a weekend full of culture, Madrid is the best choice for everyone. Keep reading to discover our tips for organizing your perfect getaway to the capital. Get ready to explore everything Madrid has to offer!

Romantic Getaway

If you’re looking for a romantic destination to spend quality time with your partner, Madrid won’t disappoint you. Discover our suggestions for the most romantic days with your loved one.



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Royal Palace and Sabatini Gardens

One of the most iconic places you can’t miss is the Royal Palace and Sabatini Gardens. This impressive palace, the largest of European royal palaces, has 3,418 rooms, and a visit will transport you to the era of Spanish kings’ grandeur. Explore the Throne Room, the Royal Armory, or the Column Hall before taking a stroll in Sabatini Gardens, the perfect place for a romantic sunset walk.

Temple of Debod

Another essential spot for lovers is the Temple of Debod. This Egyptian temple, a gift from the Egyptian government to Spain to prevent it from being submerged after the construction of the Aswan Dam, is located in the former Park of the Mountain Barracks, offering spectacular views of the city and being especially beautiful at sunset.

Temple of Debod Madrid

Romanticism Museum

The Romanticism Museum is a must-visit for history and art lovers. In the Marquis of Matallana’s palace, dating back to 1976, you can immerse yourself in the 19th-century romanticism, learn about the lifestyle of the high bourgeoisie of the time, and admire an interesting collection of artworks and historical objects.

Gran Vía

You can’t leave Madrid without strolling along the famous Gran Vía, the Spanish Broadway. This bustling avenue is full of shops, restaurants, and theaters. Whether you want to shop, have a drink at one of the trendy spots, or enjoy a play or musical, Gran Vía is a must-visit in the capital.

Gran Gala Flamenco

Madrid is famous for its flamenco tablaos, but the show that Gran Gala Flamenco offers in the city goes a step further: it’s an authentic flamenco ballet show, presented by one of the country’s best companies, with two unique performances for the upcoming Christmas: December 24th and January 1st. Buy your tickets for Gran Gala Flamenco Madrid now and don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Gran Gala Flamenco in Madrid

Family Getaway to Madrid

If you’re traveling with children, Madrid also has many activities and places to visit that will turn your getaway into a family trip to remember.


Kids love riding the Navibus, a special Christmas tour bus that offers a 45-minute journey through the Christmas lights and decorations of the city’s main streets and avenues. The little ones will love it! This year, for the first time, you have the option of the Mini Madrid Navibus Tour, where you’ll take the tour in a 16-seater minibus that enters central streets the regular Navibus can’t due to size.

Christmas Lights in Madrid

The Spring of Dreams

The Royal Botanical Garden Alfonso XIII hosts this Christmas show, where you’ll meet elves and fairies, and how the elf ‘Fulanito’ wants to steal the fairies’ star dust, leading to the Rebellion of the Elves and the Origin of Christmas.

Circus Price Theater

To enjoy a unique show, don’t miss a performance at the Circus Price Theater. The Price’s Christmas show is a tradition, with circus and acrobatic performances that will amaze both young and old. Children will be fascinated by the jugglers, tightrope walkers, and trapeze artists performing incredible acrobatics on stage.

Plaza Mayor Market

If there’s a must-visit in Madrid with children, it’s the Christmas Market in Plaza Mayor, where you can try delicious churros with hot chocolate or the classic calamari sandwich. In addition, during December, you’ll find Christmas stalls with nativity figurines, trees, and all kinds of fun joke items.

An unforgettable getaway for the whole family!

Cultural Weekend

If you’re an art and culture enthusiast, Madrid is the perfect place for you. With three of the world’s best museums within a radius of less than 15 minutes on foot, the so-called Art Triangle or Golden Triangle, you won’t run out of options to explore.

Prado Museum

Start with the Prado Museum, which houses an incredible collection of masterpieces by artists such as Velázquez, Goya, and El Greco, as well as spectacular temporary exhibitions. If you don’t have much time, check out the 1 or 2-hour tour proposals at the museum.

Reina Sofia Museum

Another museum you can’t miss is the Reina Sofia Museum, where you can admire Picasso’s famous Guernica, one of the most iconic works of modern art, as well as works by representative artists such as Dalí, Duchamp, Miró, or Braque, among others.

Guernica by Picasso

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is another must-visit, with an impressive art collection spanning from the Renaissance to contemporary art. Here, you can enjoy works by Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, or Edward Hopper, among other great contemporary masters.

If you plan to visit all three museums, consider purchasing the so-called Paseo del Arte Pass, a combined ticket that allows you to access the Prado, Thyssen, and Reina Sofia within one year from the date of purchase.


With an interesting lineup of temporary exhibitions and cultural events, CaixaForum Madrid is one of the most vibrant cultural centers in Madrid, featuring shows and events related to art, science, and contemporary culture.

Sports Getaway

If you’re a sports enthusiast, Madrid is the ideal place to combine your getaway with exciting sports visits.

Santiago Bernabéu

You can’t miss visiting the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, the recently renovated home of Real Madrid. You can take a tour of the stadium to learn about its history and enjoy the excitement of walking on the sacred turf where football legends have played, ending with a drink in the cafeteria overlooking the field.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Civitas Metropolitano

If you’re more of a Colchonero than a Merengue, meaning you prefer Atlético over Real Madrid, you can’t leave the capital without visiting the Civitas Metropolitano, home of Atlético de Madrid: choose between a visit to the museum, a tour of the stadium, or combine both activities for a football-filled afternoon.

As you can see, Madrid is a versatile destination full of options for everyone, from a romantic getaway to family trips, cultural weekends, or a sports experience. Plan your days, choose the activities that interest you the most, and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable getaway to the Spanish capital.



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