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Barcelona and Flamenco, the flamenco company responsible for the two most watched shows in the city, “Opera and Flamenco” and “Gran Gala Flamenco” announces its main signing for 2016. No one less than Chicuelo, one of the main flamenco guitarists of today He arrives to join forces with the award-winning artistic director and dancer Rafael Amargo.

Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”

Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”

In 1986, in an interview for the Puerta de Sevilla magazine, the guitar master Paco de Lucía comments: “The guitar is changing and I have an obligation with the people who follow me to open new fields”.

Today being one of the main flamenco guitarists in Spain, how do you feel with the responsibility to follow this evolution?

Chicuelo: The truth is that I continue playing and composing with the greatest commitment in the world and with the greatest freedom and I think that is the best a musician can do!

Your works keep a constant evolution, but without losing the essence. How do you create a flamenco so versatile and so pure at the same time?

Chicuelo: The truth is that I do not think about it, I do what I feel with total naturalness, what is true is that I have “mamao” flamenco since childhood. The singing, dancing and guitar of the best teachers and at the same time I have listened to other music and I am sure that this has influenced me when it comes to playing and composing.

Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”

Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”

Flamenco Chicuelo Palau de la Música “Opera and Flamenco”, as the name says, merges two exciting European arts. In this new project where you are in charge of the musical direction of the most watched show in Barcelona, ​​what has been your main challenge?

Chicuelo: My main challenge is that neither opera nor flamenco lose their identity, that they recognize themselves in their maximum essence.

What can you expect from a show with the artistic direction of Rafael Amargo and with the musical direction of Chicuelo?

Chicuelo: Well, above all, there is a job and a guaranteed quality, that we give our best and put our heart into what we do.

The spectators of Barcelona and Flamenco are also eager for the special Grand Gala Flamenco Chicuelo, what can we expect from this new Gala at the Palau de la Música Catalana? In addition to the musical direction we will see you go on stage?

Chicuelo: Well yes, the truth is that I want to do my show at the Grand Gala and I hope the audience likes it a lot and we will see a varied repertoire of guitar, dance, sing, violin and percussion.

Chicuelo, how do you feel working in your city, the cosmopolitan Barcelona, ​​and having the opportunity to spread Flamenco to people from the most different parts of the world?

Chicuelo: Well, I feel happy, very happy. It is a privilege to work on what you like and a pleasure to do it in your city for so many people from so many countries. It’s a present from life!

“Opera y Flamenco” and “Gran Gala Flamenco” continue on uninterrupted programming in Barcelona, ​​at the Poliorama Theater and at the Palau de la Música Catalana